Top 5 Reasons Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) can Enhance your Marketing Campaign

CheckingtheMailSMIt’s frustrating to think that the difference between your company’s success and its failure hinges on how well your brand is communicated to the masses. The most successful marketing efforts are multi-tiered and mutually beneficial.

A good sign, poster, or banner can bring attention to your brand, whereas a good website showcases your message and products.  The problem is, how do you get people to your location or direct them to your website?

Direct mail should be an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. Enhance your marketing plan and boost your campaign’s overall effectiveness with a customized direct mail solution.

Today’s focus is on Every Door Direct Mail and the top 5 reasons why you should start your program today.

Target your local Market with Ease

One benefit of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is that you no longer have to purchase a random mailing list.  With EDDM you can select targets by zip codes, cities, neighborhoods, or even a select distance away; say, a four mile radius from your company.

EDDM will deliver to every residential mailbox on that route as well businesses if you’d like. Brings new meaning to the term “target audience.”

Provides Low Cost Single Piece Pricing

Typical direct mail campaigns are hard to budget for until you know what you want printed, what size it’s going to be, how fast you want to reach your target, etc… Only then can you start to calculate the expensive costs of postage.

With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) you can send menus, postcards, or flyers, all for just .17 cents, no mailing permit required.

Flexibility in size, shape, and weight of the direct mail piece

Typically, companies mail out smaller lightweight pieces so they can keep their postage cost to a minimum.  EDDM offers one set postage price each but gives you the flexibility to mail out a printed pieces from 6.25″ x 9 up to 12″x 15″–all for the same price.

This means you can send take-out menus, grand opening or sales information, or even tell residents about an upcoming event at your local church.  You may also want to consider adding a coupon to your mailings, as local businesses tend to get a 35% redemption rate when they add in a coupon.

Extremely Fast Delivery

Costly first-class mail can take 3 to 5 days before it delivers and up to 10 days with the economical method of standard mail.

Not with Every Door Direct Mail, this method delivers directly to your local post office one day and delivers to the mail boxes the next.   At Eagle & Wheeler we print and mail inline, reducing the overall processing time typically to less than 5 days, from start to finish.

Highly Effective Sales Tool

By choosing EDDM to target your local market, you put your company’s information directly into the hands of your ideal demographic.  In fact, industry studies show that most consumers find direct mail to be highly trustworthy communication channel.

Plus, 80% of customers’ discretionary income is spent within 10 miles of their residence, which is yet another key reason why EDDM is that boost your marketing campaign has been missing.

Let Eagle & Wheeler Make your Direct Mailing Efforts effective!

At Eagle & Wheeler, we do much more than just handle all of your print needs. Our award-winning graphic designers can custom create an eye-catching mailer to reel in your target audience.

Our sales team is ready to visit your company and assist you with your overall marketing strategy, as well as your print needs.

Call one of our customer service specialists today for more information on how Eagle & Wheeler can boost your sales! 940.387.6161

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